Tribe  discpleship

2017/2018 TRIBE: Discipleship Application

May 31st - May 31st, 2018


Jesus calls us to be active followers of His way, choosing to expand His kingdom & be good stewards with what He equips us. Discipleship is simple: Follow and be followed.
We believe in our students. We believe in who they are and who they will become. We simply are choosing to be a part of that process, however glamorous or messy that looks. Religion expects perfection, but family celebrates progress.

What you and your family are committing to is a life-long pursuit of being more like Christ. This program is our way of going about that within Student Ministry.


WORSHIP - Regularly & actively participating in TRIBE gatherings

CONNECT- Connect with a mentor regularly

SERVE - Serve the Church body weekly

By completing this application, you are agreeing to be interviewed for a position of leadership, responsibility, commitment, humility, responsibility, and servant-hood. We hope for your behavior to reflect a character of high moral conduct, and your attitude to reflect the joy of knowing Jesus.

Instructions: Please take time to answer the following questions with intentional thought and with care. All answers aid in helping you on your walk this year.

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Youth Fundraiser ~ Game Night 2018

March 23rd, 2018

$0 - $60

We believe money should never be a reason why someone should miss out on an opportunity to experience God through a church-provided opportunity. Riverside will be hosting a fundraiser for the youth program. We want to treat you to a gathering for fellowship & fun by hosting a Poker (guys) & Bunco (ladies) tournament.

     CHILDCARE is for ages 3 years to 5th grade
          Drop off begins at 6 PM

Childcare - The Loft Coffee House

Game Night Location : 1026 Twin River, Canyon Lake 78133

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Passover Seder Meal

March 29th, 2018

Join us Thursday, March 29th at 5:30pm for the traditional Passover meal and discover how Jesus fulfilled the feast. We are gathering together at Riverside to share a community meal and asking each person to bring a potluck dish. Please bring enough to serve 10 people. Use the first letter of your last name to know what to bring:

A-F Dessert, G-L Salad, M-S Main Dish, T-Z Side Dish

See you there!

Easter 8:00 AM

April 1st, 2018

Easter Baptism 9:30 AM

April 1st, 2018

Easter Baptism 11:30 AM

April 1st, 2018

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Camp Eagle 2018 ~ " TRANSFORMED"

April 13th - April 15th, 2018


This weekend is packed! Camp Eagle is our retreat to escape the norm and create memories with friends. Jesus is the conductor this weekend and He is good.
Activities are available like : the blob, rock climbing, super swing, mud pit, swimming, sports, disc golf, & more! Our theme this year is " Transformed".

We believe in team bonding so you'll will be placed in a team to compete in competitions to win the "2018 CAMP EAGLE TROPHY". Woohoo!

Get ready for a great experience!